“Every business, whether big or small has a personality of its own. Social media promotion fans the communication aspect leading to profitability for the business and better deals for the consumer. It is the heartbeat of every business.”

—-Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

Social Media promotion is not rocket science. Rather it is a valuable investment of time and resources that helps businesses penetrate the hearts and minds of their consumers. Social media boom is happening at a time when India is in throes of a digital revolution thanks to the Digital India campaign. The latter is a movement of unity that will bring together communities, thoughts, vision and make lives easier.  Established on this foundation, IIDMR is a premier Indian institute of digital technology that aligns imagination with fundamentals of digital marketing to create a world class digital workforce. We  believe in creating future leaders who will Skill India in many ways.

A media report highlighted the power of social media, “McKinsey Quarterly, November 2012, notes that it took 13 years for commercial television to reach 50 million households and three years for Internet service providers to get 10 million subscribers. In comparison, Facebook had 50 million users in a year, and Twitter in nine months.”

Social media promotion is essentially a communication tool to promote businesses in the digital marketing world. Undoubtedly backed by content on handles like Linkedin, Pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, it is a significant driving force of the businesses today where negative words can cause downfall and positive publicity can spiral to bigger heights. Simple as it may sound, social media is a challenging field because nothing remains constant here. There are no set rules and everything changes in a moment.

According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that social media promotion was important for their business, with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently participating in social media—but 85% of participants aren’t sure what social media tools are the best to use.

This tool is so simple to use that you don’t have to worry. If you cannot hire a social media specialist, you can hit the road yourself! IIDMR teaches you digital hacks which you can use to learn software applications. These will highlight the processes that are used to do a number of things like how to pre-schedule social media posts, get alerts sent to your target consumers via phone whenever anyone likes or comments on your social media content.

Here are reasons why social media promotion is a huge hit:

  • Cost-effective and easy to use.
  • Increases brand visibility.
  • Increases brand loyalty.
  • Higher sales conversion.

IIDMR imparts knowledge on basics like how to map & utilize social trends, social media and communication plans, why traffic to your website matters and how to increase it among others.

Remember, the secret of a good social media promotion strategy doesn’t depend upon who is being targeted. Rather, it depends on how well you target your audience.

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