“If you have something important to say, share, or sell then a website is the right platform to reach your audience. A website is not just clever words cobbled together. It is a digital art form that communicates the vision of a business and helps expand its outreach.”

—-Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

A website is the voice of a business and a visual art form that offers a consumer a plethora of lucrative choices at his fingertips. A decade ago, no one could have imagined a digital tool that would cater to every human need: from buying a book to spreading a good word about a business. Today, Indian consumers and businesses have redefined the way sale and purchase of any product is done thanks to the ingress of E-commerce websites like  Amazon, e-bay, urban ladder, flipkart, jabong, shopclues and others. Businesses are identified and defined today by their digital logos and smartly created interactive websites.

Notwithstanding other marketing methods, in the current scenario, websites are enabling potential customers to either find an organization (or its products) through a search engine or learn more about the organization after they’ve seen other marketing material is key to creating and developing new customers. Therefore Indian Institute of Art & Education, IIDMR walks you through the basics and trends on website creation and designing.

According to a report by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry-Confederation of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (FICCI-CMSME), the ecommerce spend in India accounts for 2% of the total retail spending, as compared to 10%-13% in other developing countries. If you factor in the Digital India campaign sweeping the country, these statistics will escalate further. Consequently, the future of every business rests in a smartly conceived website.

Indian institute of digital technology, IIDMR helps you explore the fundamental question why a website is required for every business? With winds of change in the digital world, we strongly feel that in the next five years, every city in India will have a Digital Marketing Institutebecause of the sheer volume of work and skill sets required in this medium. That is why we teach our students whether freshers or experienced professionals or businessmen that a website will not only increase visibility, branding but will also give you a good idea about competition and how to rise above it.

A website is not just mere showcasing of your business muscle through words. There’s much more to it. For example, by integrating social media and photo/video sharing on your website you will smartly direct traffic towards your website whenever you have something new to tell. Best of all, your website will surface much more in the search results.

Here is how websites impact ideas and businesses :

  • It is accessible 24×7 and is a cost-effective option.
  • It fosters and cements a strong relationship between the businesses and their consumers.
  • Sales escalate thanks to a professionally and creatively made website.
  • Websites can cleverly direct genuine customers towards themselves by tracking behaviors and other parameters.
  • Online marketing strategies have a far greater outreach.
  • Of course, it is the most comfortable option for businesses and customers. Why? Because you can log into a website from the comfort of your office or home.
  • Best of all, a business website which is highly interactive and immediately addresses queries and grievances ensures that it enjoys a great reputation.

A website is a new-age tool to build reputation, be a tough competitor and be the best in your sector. It can make or break a business. Learning its intricacies and processes will definitely keep your business flying high.

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