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IIDMR derived with a One Vision of “NEXT-GEN DIGITAL”. In the era of Digitization & with the outlook of $5Trillion Economy by 2024-25, every Startup founder & Entrepreneur, Student should be digitally fit. Students with an immense interest in Marketing & Research, Entrepreneurs looking to take their business growth through leaps and bounds & people looking to work from home as a freelancer can attain all essentials skills with us.

Why Us ?

Our biggest USP is Content Creation & Reverse Marketing. Content creation is being under-estimated by most of the institutes but for us it remains in the focus throughout the course length.

Why are we giving so much importance to the Content Creation?

Content holds 70% role in any successful marketing campaign. Lets take a Live example, BJP before Modi Government in 2014 election campaign striked with the right content to the right people. They read the mind of the youth of the country & managed to deliver quality content across different platforms. Finally successful campaign led to record breaking win.

We also make sure that our course material keep up with the updations of Industrial needs. Latest Marketing techniques & learnings derived through loads of case studies data gives the correct numbers before proceeding towards any decion making.


Reverse Marketing

Reverse Marketing introduced by Rachna Sharma in the World Of Marketing. The technique which is ultimately powerful marketing technique to generate sales through branding. This concept has gained her humongous success in her businesses and it is being taught directly by her only at IIDMR.





College Entrepreneurs

The concept of College Entrepreneurs became famous when silicon valley in USA captured by young college entrepreneurs. Founders like Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder), Michael Dell (Dell Founder), Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder), Matt Mullenweg (WordPress Founder) etc. are the leading the world from silicon valley which started from the college itself.

Looking at the talent of indian students, Rachna Sharma, the founder of IIDMR, brought awareness in many colleges among students about the opportunity they have, to begin their own startup from college. The infrastructure facilities & startup budget sanctioned by government to the colleges are an extra advantage to them.



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Increase Your Visibility In Digital World.. Go Digital Be Visible.

About The Owner

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Rachna Sharma

Rachna Sharma or Techbuff Rachna, lady behind the huge business empire. She started earning at a small age of 15years to contribute in her parents responsibilities. After the graduation, she attained the high paying job at IGI Airport, but it couldn’t satisfy her interest. “She believes unsatisfaction is fuel for the growth.” She quickly decided to move onto booming Sector Real Estate.

Click the link below to lean more about her struggle to success journey-  FULL STORY OF RACHNA SHARMA – RAGS TO RICHES.



Rachna Sharma has a huge respect for Indian Army, and she took an initiative in her institute as a mark of respect for Indian Martyrs, a free education for the family of all the martyrs in IIDMR.


With an ideology of saving trees, she took an oath to not to use the paper, if not necessary. With the advent of Digital India, she made all departments of all her companies digital to make sure that all the companies make the least use of paper. This is in sync with the inspiring vision of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s Digital India launched in September 2015.


Among a lof of initiatives, the one initiative that is closest to her heart is Women Empowerment. She has a large network of women who are looking to start their own business. She acts as a mentor and guide them throughout the implementation. She has a network of around 20,000 women.

She suggests that every business needs an online exposure and she help the existing entrepreneurs to make their businesses digitally fit. Her experience in marketing & delivery of great results in her companies overtime is led by her growth hack marketing decisions.

IIDMR as an institute originated with a vision to train every student with best digital marketing skills, empower every businessmen & provide skills to them who are seeking to make a career in freelancing.


Rachna Sharma is also an Author and Entrepreneur likes to write in the field of Entrepreneurship, Startups, Growth Hacks, Economical Growth etc. She has done a detailed coverage of the slogan used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Budget 2019 “India – a $5 trillion dollar economy by 2024-25“.

She has described how everyone can take a part in this growth rally and build a huge business out of it. How to get started with your own startup & make a growth using growth hacking techniques. She has also introduced the new concept in the World of Marketing “Digital Post Mortem”. Before starting any business what are prerequisites, they are all covered by Rachna Sharma out of her 20years of Practical Experience in Marketing. She has sold more than thousands of copies of this book.

After a huge success of her last book, another book is in the pipeline based on Morning Routine. Keeping up the balance between Professional & Personal life has always been a successful startup founders. For her, giving time to yourself is utmost important as it keeps you healthy & mentally relaxed whereas entrepreneurs tend to ignore their health. 

She also takes time to give tips of content & book writing to her students. And then how to sell & market across different platforms. This course has also been added into the course modules.

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Our Mission :

IIDMR is equally conscious of its carbon footprint. Therefore, it is a core component of  our “Green India Initiative”  as a digital initiative will ensure that there is negligible paper usage and therefore less trees are chopped.