Tanu Rohilla

IIDMR is a one-stop destination to refurbish skills via latest course modules that have been crafted keeping in mind the global and domestic business scenario. As a senior consultant in Apple Skin Clinic I’m quite satisfied with this institute as they have honed my perspective on business and have equipped me with additional skills. With Indian consumers getting more demanding and focused about their needs, it’s a challenge to meet their needs in the cosmetics sector. Subsequent to my training from IIDMR, I’m able to provide customized services to my  clients, which has impacted my business in a positive manner. Besides cutting-edge-technology and extensive cooperation, this institute motivates its students to meet their potential, making it the top ranked destination for both students and prospective employers. The fee module is also quite reasonable in comparison to the other institutes. What’s most helpful is the time management here, as Digital Media training takes up just 2 hours in weekdays. You can easily strike a work-study balance, this way.

Uttam Roy

After training from IIDMR I recently opened my third outlet of designer outfits. The launch event was termed ‘tradition to modernism.’ Besides new-age technicalities, IIDMR acquainted me with the concept of time management which is facilitated by these skill sets. Consequently, I was able to designer more costumes and up the ante of my production work. This not only helped the creative juices flow but it also garnered me profits. Now I am able to my product branding, SEO department, SMO department and resulting in multiple business revenue. Timely advice also came from the founder Rachna Maa’m, who motivated me on the personal and professional front. At IIDMR, I learnt that in the current scenario, only traditional marketing is not enough , we have to generate more leads for more business. The whole training was based on that.


I am Anshu, a fashion designer, who has seen many upheavals in business in the last two years. Recently, some friends suggested that I adapt to new age marketing techniques instead of following the old patterns. This worked wonders as IIDMR changed things for me in a big way. With the guidance of the faculty here, I built new contacts on social media and promoted my work online. Today, I am proud to say that my decision was right.

Vishal Singh

I am college dropout who could not continue his studies due to family problems. Since netting a job was a tough thing, someone suggested that I try my hand at digital marketing. I joined IIDMR which turned my life around. Today, I am able to generate a good monthly earning because of the skill set that was taught here. I am not only completing my graduation but I have also been promised a job in a big marketing firm once my course is completed. Kudos to IIMDR for the amazing support!