Sarthak Anand

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Sarthak Anand is a website designer and content specialist on digital marketing. A self-confessed tech nerd, he’s earning a handsome amount compared to his peers. Sarthak has big plans for his career, ahead. He shares his insights with us.


The AHA Moment!

I like social networking and am draw to the digital world, its processes and whys & wherefores in a big way. When I read about the Digital India and Skill India initiatives, I realised the quantum of potential in the digital world. If you are looking for the future of marketing it’s already here. Look at the way we are shopping these days, buying movie tickets, planning holidays, paying bills and communicating with social media, facetime and skype. Digital technology is here to stay!


IIDMR : Where creativity meets technology.

There’s no dearth of digital marketing institutes in the country. I wanted to study tech skills at the best Indian Institute of digital technologyand IIDMR fitted the bill. Not only does the faculty throw challenges your way, but they are very open to creative ideas and insights from students. If India wants to go digital, then I have full confidence that IIDMR is the best for everything. From world class faculty to latest tech trends, there’s nothing that they don’t provide.

I want to know more about marketing courses

Course module? Pretty cool!

Many digital marketing institutes will promise the moon, yet fail to deliver. While the basic topics of the course remain the same, things are taught very differently here. For starters, we were asked to share our opinion and thoughts on subjects like social media promotion, why a website is required for every business, what it would take to create a top digital marketing company in India. Thereafter actual stuff like digital hacks (to learn things easily and faster), fundamentals of how digital marketing processes work were explained. Our thoughts clearly mattered to the faculty and therefore the lectures and courses turned out to be pretty cool.


IIDMR does not teach. It helps you create art in technology.

Not that IIDMR helps you create animations. They draw out your creativity and challenge your potential to come up with innovative ideas and deliverables. For instance, we were given a particular case study and asked to recreate a website for an FMCG brand based on our own ideas. What seemed like a simple enough thing to do, was not so simple. I applied all that I had learnt on my first delivery. But the zing was missing. That’s when I realised what my teacher had been hinting at, all along. I researched the global trends on website creation and tracked some websites in the Indian context. In the end, I topped in my course.


Future Prospects: Skill India with IIDMR and Digital India with IIDMR.

Digital Marketing and IIDMR are the blueprints of future and there’s an element of symbiosis here. One cannot do without the other. This institute has built itself on the tenets of these campaigns and that is why my ensure batch got 100% placement, a guarantee which only IIDMR has fulfilled!

Sarthak Anand June 12, 2017