Misha Singhal

Misha Singhal always dreamt of a good job with a high paying salary. Today she is working for a top marketing agency which caters to MNCs and big companies. She is leading her Marketing team in the digital domain and swears by the magic of digital technology. Some excerpts from her interview:


Digital Marketing: A real blessing!

Lives have been made easier and more efficient, undoubtedly by digital footprint. Digital marketing has defined the way businesses communicate with their customers. It is an art form by itself which needs creativity, thinking and the challenge of coming up with something new. It’s the way ahead for employment and career growth.

Technology and digitisation are my prime interests and I chose to go to IIDMR for its state of the art facilities and fantastic faculty. Besides the whole concept is in line with Digital India and Skill India initiatives as this future technology will create more employment and foster competition.


IIDMR exemplifies what an Indian Institute of Art and Education should be

Digital market is art of business and communication literally. It involves a host of intricate processes that draw from the grey cells of your brain and challenge your thinking. It is a liberating experience that will take you ahead in your career.

IIDMR is a platform which not only hones your skills and acquaints you with digital trend of marketing but it also gives you projects to stimulate thinking and idea sharing. There are many digital institutes in the country that can teach digital marketing. But IIMDR is a step ahead in its vision and dedication.

I want to know more about marketing courses

Contemporary course module is a step towards Digital India

Almost all digital marketing institutes offer similar courses. But the way they are taught makes all the difference between having a job and not having one. At IIDMR, concepts like Social Media Marketing, SEO, SMO trends, pop up ad creation, e-commerce basics & why website is required for every business are imparted in an interactive fashion. Students are encouraged to share insights and up their game on digital marketing.

We were also asked to work on real life case studies where digital marketing technology was to be used for online reputation management, but with our own perspective. These type of assignments made it easy to fully absorb concepts and their implementation.


Job placements, internships and top end salaries

IIDMR guarantees great job placements with well known marketing brands. Digital Marketing is a lot in demand these days. Because of this, knowing your basics and fundamentals of this subject is very important. You also have to keep at pace with latest developments in this sector to ensure that you know what the market trends are and how you can communicate better with the end customers. This is what makes a real difference in the employment world. How you perform, take the business forward, make yourself  an asset to your employer depends on hard work, dedication and your own passion. IIDMR encourages these qualities.

Misha Singhal June 12, 2017