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A good marketing technique speaks volumes about a business. But digital marketing with smart words and effective strategies, creates loyal customers. IIDMR teaches this art of sustaining customer relations using vision, skill and technology, while enhancing careers in the digital world.

—Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

Twenty years ago, nobody could have imagined buying the best watches or groceries online, after a mere sixty second online survey on their mobile based on prices, fashion, deals and trends. Such is the power of the digital medium that a good review can escalate business profits and a bad line can impact sales. In this scenario, there has been a rise of a powerful workforce i Indian, which is enhancing businesses using their expertise to leverage digital channels such like Yahoo, email, pop up ads, Google search, social media, and their websites for an impactful outreach to current and prospective customers. These are digital marketers or heroes whose art has created a demand for digital institutes like IIDMR that are skilling everyone from amateur, experienced professionals to elderly and homemaker aspirants, thereby skillig Idia on the digital wave.

IIDMR has been launched in tandem with PM Narendra Modi’s vision of ‘Skill India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives as technology will not only transform lives and careers, but also boost economy.Many great businessmen, philosophers, public figures, scientists and other figures have proved that with the right nurturing, a spark of talent can create a revolution.

Therefore, we have culled the best faculty in the country to create future leaders, thinkers and visionaries who will take the country ahead.

At IIDMR, we have pooled our skill sets, experience and the passion to excel to create a world class module on digital marketing that dwells on real life case studies and global teaching practices. IIDMR provides opportunities to everyone who has a thirst for digital knowledge and has the zeal to reach the top. We have opened our doors to stakeholders from all walks of life and society. These include students, businessmen, budding entrepreneurs, start-up organizations who can hone their digital expertise with our course modules.

There is nothing more powerful than a person with knowledge and skill. IIDMR believes that women embody these qualities and have the ability to change the social structure and break moulds. IIDMR holds special classes for underprivileged women, widows and female entrepreneurs on digital marketing skills and technology.

Besides conventional modes of teaching, IIDMR also conducts web and video tutorials and is open to ideas and suggestions. This is also why we are becoming the most sought after institute for technical learning and skilling. Our internship opportunities with some of the best organisations, employers and branding agencies in the country give our students a head start from their peers.

This is why our course material has draw from the best of social media promotion and digital marketing trends across the world and India to give a composite insight into the digital world. We explain how and why every business needs a website and the kind of business impact that can be created by the right marketing strategy communicated in a strategic way. IIDMR course module dwells on social media promotions, the clever usage of pop up ads, instagram, tumblr, facebook, twitter and other channels to enhance business and also be super skilled in the technology of future.

IIDMR aims to arm its students with skills of the digital world, and further propel career and salary prospects. It is the right time to step into the world of digital marketing and discover there are no limits to one’s potential and growth. Remember, it just depends on just the click of a button to change lives.

“A written word can definitely build a business. But transparency, understanding and focus to deliver only best, sustains businesses. Digital Marketing builds on this foundation by fostering trust between businesses and end users to ensure a win-win situation on both sides. Cost-effective, instant and efficient digital marketing has changed the way we think, innovate and create.”

—–Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

Even a hundred years ago, advertising was critical to ensure that products were sold and businesses expanded. That time, word-of-mouth was the biggest form of advertising. Today, that concept is still applicable as one of the key elements in understanding and identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Only, its form has changed into digital marketing: a medium at your fingertips which is efficient, transparent and rewarding. In a nutshell, marketing of products or services using digital technologies, not only on the web space, but also other forms like mobile phones, pop up advertising and other forms of digital medium.

IIDMR not only takes you inside this challenging and interesting world, but it equips you with knowledge, insights and hones your skills to last throughout your career. For those who wish to implement the ways of digital marketing, we introduce you to the basics, whys and wherefores of the processes that boost your business above your competitors in cost-effective, attractive and intelligent ways. We support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Skill India’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives that is why we offer in-house internships, placements with top market brands and also encourage women to be an active part of this transformative process of digital change.

In today’s marketing space three critical elements can really boost a business: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media and Google AdWords. Of course traditional and new age forms of marketing like billboards, pamphlets, video and pop-up ads and surveys do attract attention too. But nothing beats the magic of the three pillars mentioned above.

SEO Process & Impact

  • Keyword Ranking: Whenever a user types certain keywords associated with a business then, it’s critical that everything related to it comes up in search results. If you are a part of the SEO team for your client, then IIDMR runs you through the processes to execute this process.
  • Lead generation and organic traffic: Keywords can also help you generate leads and attract genuine clients for yourself or your employer. At IIDMR , our faculty shows you how to crack this process.

Social Media Process & Impact

  • Greater Outreach: Great content and communication needs to be shared with its target audience and social media facilitates this process. Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitters are examples of this process. IIDMR runs you through the process of initiating this change and increasing the outreach for a brand.
  • Strong Relationship: With a strong social presence, customers will flank to a site and give feedback. Quick redressal and response will build a strong relationship between the two. IIDMR, shows you some global trends to foster this and teaches you processes that lead to a successful reaching out.

AdWords Process & Impact

  • Attracting more audience: A critical process that can send a large number of clients your way, AdWords increases leads and customers. It’s flexible and cost-effective. IIDMR shows you some quick ways in which you can intelligently use this process to boost business.
  • Results and competitors: Not only are you aware of what your competitors are doing, AdWords also give you an insight into customer behavior, latest trends and where you succeeded. IIDMR introduces you to the basic and advanced level of how this platform works.

Digital Marketing is not rocket science or a complicated formula to be understood by few. Digital marketing is a fantastic combination of man and machine. IIDMR equips you with key elements, to move from typing to creating and thinking.

“Digital technology is much more than a mode of communication or connectivity. It’s a platform of innovative ideas, where impossible is made possible. With the best brains & ideas in the world, PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Digital India’ initiative will transform the way we think, function and live. IIDMR understands that the power of this change is possible only with a skilled workforce. That is why we are committed to guiding, educating and creating future thought leaders of digital change.”

—-Rachna Sharma, Founder, IIDMR

Two decades ago, no one could have imagined reading a book, newspaper or watching a cricket match live on their phone. It was a norm to conduct paper bank transactions, physically carry id proofs and tickets while travelling and shop through debit or credit cards. If you wanted to sell a new product, it was done through hoardings on streets or via tv and print. Now, these ideas are almost obsolete. The digital world has opened a host of possibilities : from e-wallets, online banking, digital id proofs, data backup and video connectivity. Almost everyone has access to everything at just a single click of the button. whether it’s in the Supreme Court, government offices, schools, colleges or even in corporate organisations. It’s not a miracle. It’s just a manifestation of an idea and a lot of hard work. That’s the magic of digital technology.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a man with a vision and ambition. He understands these realities which is why he is attempting to bridge the wide gap between what is and what is not. Digital India is just not an initiative for the youth or young professionals. It is a revolution for everyone from the elderly to homemakers, children to established professionals. It aims to make lives easier with world class standards and ease of daily functioning.

Digital India focuses on nine key tenets. These are the following:

  • Universal phone access
  • Broadband highway
  • Manufacturing of electronics
  • Early harvest programme
  • E-delivery of services
  • Universal phone access
  • IT for all jobs
  • Information for all

The biggest challenge in India today is ensuring that the digital revolution percolates to local level and basics are imparted to everyone especially in rural areas. Just creating a high network of broadband connectivity and related things is not enough. You don’t have to be a tech whiz to know about technology. Whether you are a student/housewife or a senior citizen, you just need to know basic skills. Our PM Narendra Modi understand that which explains why e-accounts, e-wallets, e-banking and a host of related activities are being encouraged.

In keeping with this thought, at IIDMR we are attempting to arm everyone with the basics of digital technology. We understand the drive, passion, ambition and talent that many technology aspirants want to channel for a successful career. Therefore, IIDMR is that one-stop window where talent meets skill and ambition. We provide employment and internship opportunities to all patrons of digital sphere to hone skills and transform lives with technology.

Digital India will not only unite Indians on a social, digital, civic and democratic sphere it will also give the world more digital and technologically sound ideas that have germinated from Indian soil, with Indian talent and Indian technology. India has the world’s second largest population and imagine what these people can do to the economy with the digital space. That is what our future is all about.

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