#Digicareer Seminar At SBIT, Sonepat : A Social Initiative By Rachna Sharma

Rachna Sharma is the director of the IIDMR ( Indian Institute Of Digital Marketing & Research ). She always strives to promote the concept of digitalizing our nation INDIA which is also popularly known as #digitalindia. In this row, she accepted the opportunity with charm to conduct the #Digicareer Seminar at SBIT to help the students pursuing engineering. The faculty & senior members and also the students had appreciated this endeavor a lot. She also had decided and announced there to provide the free Advanced Digital Marketing formal training to the family members of the armed forces/army of our country since their contribution is highly invaluable.

Why Baahubali is a technical & digital marketing marvel for the world

The Baahubali franchise is set to go into the portals of history for not just its great story, cinematography, brilliant acting or profits but for the towering benchmark it has created in the digital world. Aside from garnering accolades for a host of things, today no one can beat the fact that intelligent and creative use of the social media and technical expertise have made it an amazing creation of human talent.

Baahubali is a bilingual epic in Telugu and Tamil which uses historical to carry the story forward. Directed by S.S. Rajamouli in the two cinematic parts (first release in 2015 as Baahubali: The Beginning and second release as Baahubali: The Conclusion in April 2017) the film earned a unprecedented Rs 1,000 crores at the box office. Be it the franchise’s visual tapestry or mind-blowing imagery which has been created using digital cameras have all the makings of great use of technology.

The most expensive movie till now, media reports ascribe Baahubali’s stupendous success to several reasons. To begin with, Baahubali has 35.42 lakh likes on the Facebook page, 1.48 lakh followers on Twitter, 1.38 lakh subscribers on Youtube and still increasing day by day.

Social visual channels Instagram and Youtube have been smartly deployed to create hype and generate a higher fan base. The creators of the film have constantly updated ‘behind-the-scenes’ information to give a human connect to the fans and audience of the grand film. Besides these, the filmmakers also created a website named ‘.com’ which displays pictures, blogs, articles, picture galleries, videos and other action packed information. Also, according to popular media reports, “Videos posted on social media as a “Casting call for Baahubali with SS Rajamouli and Prabhas” on Jan 16th, 2013 to select the interested and eligible individuals to perform in a war sequence of the film and same campaign followed for second part too.

Given its outreach and almost insane hype, the creative and market team have decided to make the business boom by doling out exclusive Baahubali merchandise. These include t-shirts, caps, posters, pictures among a host of other goodies. Of course, they have also declared their charitable intentions on the web by announcing a significant contribution to social causes.

Facebook, twitter, Tumblr  and  other forms of social media have literally exploded with little nuggets of information that have attracted major attention from fans. For instance, these digital social channels have been giving information about the birthdays of the lead actors of the film and have released teasers of the film on these special dates.

Undoubtedly, Baahubali has shown India and the world the magic that can be weaved with a strategic collaboration of intelligence, talent and technology. Let us examine the important aspects that we can pick up from this case.


  • If you are authentic and genuine, then demographics don’t matter as social media unites everyone. Ideally a south Indian film, Baahubali smashed all records in North India and worldwide.
  • Positive publicity was created by using hashtags and catchy lines.
  • Online tie-ups, contests and promotion fuelled the curiosity and publicity for Baahubali.
  • Media has reported that Baahubali: The Beginning” has landed in the second place in Google(India) in the list of the trending searches of 2015 & First place in Google (India) in the list of trending movies of the year 2015. The filmmakers also created history by making it available on Youtube in 4k resolution, making it the first Indian film in Youtube with 4k resolution.
  • Media experts point out that The filmmakers also created history by making it available on Youtube in 4k resolution, making it the first Indian film in Youtube with 4k resolution.

Bitcoin usage shows how digital medium can be a double edged sword

Technology is a double edged sword. If used wisely, it can may life beautiful and if used for destructive purposes, things can get really tough. The age of credit or debit cards, online fund transfers may soon come to end with the world steadily moving towards a more digital alternative Bitcoin. What has now raised a question mark on this progress is that it has surfaced as the preferred currency of Wannacry cyber attackers. This development has negatively impacted the rising spiral of this new-age digital wonder.

In a nutshell, Bitcoin a form of currency which does not involve any form of banking and allows users to spend money in an anonymous manner. It means that goods and services of any form can be purchased using this digital medium. Even though a Bitcoin transaction can be traced, the owner cannot be tracked. Popular estimates indicate that Bitcoin is worth more than an ounce of gold, at the moment. According to media reports, the top three crypto currencies — Bitcoin, ethereum and ripple — have a combined 80 per cent share in total market cap. Japan has officially recognised Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. In fact, the finance ministry here has issued a discussion paper on whether such currencies should be regulated by the government or there should be self-regulation.”

Bitcoin works on a simple algorithmic formula. The coins are created by users who ‘mine’ them by lending computing power to verify other users’ transactions. They receive Bitcoins in exchange. The coins also can be bought and sold on exchanges with U.S. dollars and other currencies. Media reports state, “A network of tech-savvy users called miners keep the system honest by pouring their computing power into a blockchain, a global running tally of every Bitcoin transaction. The blockchain prevents rogues from spending the same Bitcoin twice, and the miners are rewarded for their efforts by being gifted with the occasional Bitcoin. As long as miners keep the blockchain secure, counterfeiting shouldn’t be an issue.”

Regardless, the recent malware attacks which crippled a large part of the world, used Bitcoin to collect ransom. While some businesses have taken the Bitcoin route rather seriously, there are an alarming number of criminals worldwide who are using this digital currency to ensure they meet their desired ends. In such a scenario, we present the positive and negative aspects of the Bitcoin technology which will help make up your mind about it.


  • No third party intervention.
  • You don’t have to reveal your identity; Only money spent by you matters.
  • The transactional fees is very low.
  • No extra taxes have to be paid.


  • Bitcoin exchanges are not regulated, which means who are headed for trouble.
  • There is no formal complaint redressal in this system, if you are defrauded.
  • Your security is heavily compromised.
  • This is the currency of choice for the cyber attackers those have disabled the computers recently worldwide.

Even though our banks escaped WANNACRY, We are still vulnerable to cyber attack

With India’s digital footprint on the rise, we are equally vulnerable to virus attacks and cyber crime as the rest of the world. Imagine a scenario wherein all Delhi metro Services were halted or the Aadhar information of millions of users was put to malafide use. All this, because of a ransomware virus. This is a reality with the rest of the globe now which is grappling with changes and havoc wreaked by the malware and ransomware virus wannacry. Luckily, India has remained largely unaffected and the best part is that it’s banking banking institutions have been sailing smooth. Experts attribute this development to a host of factors including the fact that we have been using systems that are less sophisticated and that turned out to be a plus for India.

Typically, this virus slows down systems or stops their functioning. It has already managed to impact at least 100 countries across the world. The malware comes from external systems which interact in some way or the other with banking systems. Media reports point out that the “WannaCry hackers have demanded payments of $200 to $600 (roughly Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 38,000) in bitcoins from organisations as well as individual users whose computers had been infected, or else the data would be wiped.”

Since the threat broke out, financial institutions have been keeping their IT teams on alert. They are monitoring all activities on the system and are quick to detect any glitches. The ATMs across the country too have been largely unaffected. This is principally due to the fact that they do not keep any back-up data. Also their geographic location has also worked to everyone’s advantage. According to media reports, Indian ATMs, which still majorly use the outdated Windows XP operating system, were feared to be the most vulnerable to hacking.

Malwares are large sized files which need data encryption to spread havoc. This means that they need high speed network. Fortunately, Indian banking systems currently work at low speeds which may have thwarted the malware at the start, itself.

The above facts spell good news. But this case also has some aspects for us to learn and the biggest lesson is that your system too can be vulnerable to attack.  If you think your system has been attacked let the cyber crime cops know of this and then immediately go off the internet, to prevent any more damage.


  • Loosen your purse strings and install a top quality firewall and anti-virus program on your system.
  • Maintain a regular backup of your data. It’s always a wiser choice to ensure that you have multiple backups instead of a single one.
  • Do not open an unsupported version of Widows.
  • If an unknown link or file surfaces on your system, do not open it.
  • Keeping making regular updates on your system.
  • Steer clear of pirated or undated version of operating systems.
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Digitisation of Supreme Court shows technology is making lives and business easier

While the world is in the throes of rapid change thanks to technology, digitisation has made its presence felt in India in a big way. The recent move by the Supreme Court of India to go fully digital has more powerful implications, than the obvious. In doing so, the apex court has signaled to all government institutions to drop traditional methods of documentation and data maintenance. Not only will processes get more accountable, transparent and easier but the resulting environmental impact will also change things for the better.

Case files without papers are inconceivable in India’s three-tier judiciary which is hard pressed for space to store them but the Supreme Court is attempting from March onwards to go digital in 200 days. Media reports indicate that each approximately 70,000 appeals get filed in the Supreme Court. Each appeal, which contains trial court and High Court records in addition to documents cited as an annexure, runs into over 100 pages. Bigger the stake and larger the law firm engaged to file the appeal, the bulkier the petitions, running into several volumes, each volume running into 200 pages.

This means, on an average, every year around 70 lakh pages of white sheets, the ones used in the SC are slightly bigger than an A4 sheet, get used in petitions filed in the SC.

From smartphone usage to deploying GPS in cars to even a simple microwave in the kitchen,  digitization is a trend which is here to stay. But how does it impact businesses? For starters, it’s more cost-effective, efficient and very reliable. Let’s take a look:

  • Greater and smoother client outreach: You connect with your client at a personal level through apps, SMS, e-mail and pop-up ads. That way you reach target genuine clientele. Best of all, digital communication helps you conserve the environment as you decreases storage and usage costs of paper.
  • Easy data accessibility: Instead of sifting through piles of documents, you are able to retrieve data at just the click of a button. Also, don’t forget that it’s a great backup option.
  • Financial advantage: You not only save on paper cost, but also maintenance of additional office equipment which is required for paper storage.