“Sharing is a good thing. But when you share something in the virtual world, it can become a revolution, a recipe for success or a complete disaster. At IIDMR, we teach you to innovate, ideate and create technology responsibly while enhancing the Digital India footprint.”

—-Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

Case 1:Every neighborhood market in India was flooded with PCO booths for making local and international calls, a decade ago. Today those shops and kiosks have been replaced by smartphone accessories, maintainance, sale and recharge  services.

Case 2: Five years ago, could you have imagined hailing a cab at the click of a button? It’s a reality now in big cities with the ingress of app based cab companies. In some time, this digital wonder will dot small cities in India too.

In both cases, the service providers or sellers remain the same. Only, their strategy has been tweaked to be digitally smarter and expand business. That’s the magic of digital revolution. Keeping in mind this changing scenario, IIDMR strongly advocates digital education for all, as it’s the way to the future. That is why we hone talent and encourage our students to express their talents via Digital India campaign which is the key to India’s better future.

Take the example of the state of Himachal Pradesh whose State Assembly was the first one in India to go online and discard paperwork completely. Media reports indicate that everything in the state  from health care system, education to online business has completely transformed the state. It has also created jobs and topography of the state is no longer a deterrent to working any more. Time, money and effort have been saved in a big way. This is how digital technology has redefined lives.

Drawing from the above example, IIDMR is looking to create a talent, vibrant and a sound workforce on the digital marketing sphere. We are a premier Indian institute of art and education in digital technology. We aim to nurture talent and passion and translate it into success on an individual and a national level. That is why we have debunked the norm of selecting students with impressive degrees or top college graduates. Instead we are open to everyone who has a zeal for the digital world and the ambition to move ahead.

Now imagine a scenario where anyone presses an app button and a driverless car is standing at their doorstep. They enter their destination code and reach there via the app. That is the most likely scenario for the future. IIDMR’s course module has been designed keeping these foundations in mind, which is why engaging with us, is a challenging prospect. We will teach you basics like why website is required for every business and social media promotion and the current practices associated with it. More than that, IIDMR will also arm you with digital hacks and insights for the future.

If you are looking for an Indian institute of digital technology then IIDMR is a step towards Digital India. Remember, we are heading towards an ear where digital technology will be an indispensible, way of life.

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