“Technology builds bridges between all that is not there and what is there. It creates opportunities, unites people and transforms lives & nations. The Digital India and Skill India initiatives encapsulate this. IIDMR mirrors this vision and equips everyone with digital skill sets which will last throughout your career and gives a transformative edge for a lifetime. After all, technology is just magic at your fingertips.”

—Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

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With India’s digital footprint expanding rapidly across the rural and urban canvas, undoubtedly in the next five years the country, digital literacy in the new-age mantra. Consequently, the employment sector will get a major fillip alongwith sectors like education, real estate, and infrastructure. But merely creating and equipping people with technical tools is not enough.

Two decades ago, no one could have imagined messaging using whatsapp, facetime or make video calls in any country. But now, that has changed. Digital technology has seeped into our daily lives and changed the way we communicate, work and function. “Whether you are a technical buff or a basic user of the magic of technology, you have to use it responsibly. That is why it is important to not only know the basics of how digital technology works but also use it responsibly. After all, it is creating employment opportunities and making lives easier in many ways,” says Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR.

In Southeast Asia and across the world, India has proved its mettle in technology with innovative projects & inventions. Most importantly, India’s technical skill set has conquered the foreign domain in many countries. Now is the right time to build on these skill sets and embrace Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India and Skill India campaigns. Because a skilled workforce can and will unlock many possibilities for our future.

In this scenario, IIDMR in Digital India has been envisaged focusing on nine critical issues. These include:

  • Universal phone access
  • Broadband highway
  • Manufacturing of electronics
  • Early harvest programme
  • E-delivery of services
  • Universal phone access
  • IT for all jobs
  • Information for all
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Of course, India is already familiar with some technical processes like e-voting, online transactions, online shopping etc. But Digital India has a wider landscape and this is just the beginning. Demonetisation already ushered a new change in the way India did its transactions. ATM and banking transactions saw a significant dip with the ingress and introduction of Paytm, mobile wallets, e-wallets etc. This technical shift has led to greater efficiency, expansion of businesses, transparency and accountability. And, it is just a tip of the iceberg. There’s more to follow.

The next big revolution will be via skill India wherein many heads will be required to run the digital processes and envisage more technical changes. Therefore, it is important to equip these ‘skilled soldiers of change’ with digital ideas and processes so that they take everyone into a brighter future and further hone their skills. IIDMR supports the vision of Digital India and Skill India and our courses are a step in that direction.

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In consonance with these campaigns, we have aligned our skill, experience and vision to create future thought leaders and skilled workforce in the web sphere. We provide opportunities to everyone including students, businessmen, budding entrepreneurs, start-up organizations to brush their digital skills with our course modules. We believe that women are the harbingers of social change which is why we hold special classes for underprivileged women, widows and female entrepreneurs on digital marketing skills and technology.

Besides conventional modes of teaching, IIDMR also conducts web and video tutorials and is open to ideas and suggestions. This is also why we are becoming the most sought after institute for technical learning and skilling. Our internship opportunities with some of the best organisations, employers and branding agencies in the country give our students a head start from their peers.

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The web space is the new age playground for branding, communication, marcomm, marketing and customer outreach. It is faster, efficient and much more effective than traditional modes of communication and business. That is why, IIDMR is open to passionate and creative stakeholders who believe that digital marketing is the future of Indian and international business. If you have the strong urge to expand your professional horizons then join hands with IIDMR.


Expanding your business by increasing branding & profitability.
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Honing your skill sets and gaining a foothold over your competitors.


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