Digitisation of Supreme Court shows technology is making lives and business easier

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While the world is in the throes of rapid change thanks to technology, digitisation has made its presence felt in India in a big way. The recent move by the Supreme Court of India to go fully digital has more powerful implications, than the obvious. In doing so, the apex court has signaled to all government institutions to drop traditional methods of documentation and data maintenance. Not only will processes get more accountable, transparent and easier but the resulting environmental impact will also change things for the better.

Case files without papers are inconceivable in India’s three-tier judiciary which is hard pressed for space to store them but the Supreme Court is attempting from March onwards to go digital in 200 days. Media reports indicate that each approximately 70,000 appeals get filed in the Supreme Court. Each appeal, which contains trial court and High Court records in addition to documents cited as an annexure, runs into over 100 pages. Bigger the stake and larger the law firm engaged to file the appeal, the bulkier the petitions, running into several volumes, each volume running into 200 pages.

This means, on an average, every year around 70 lakh pages of white sheets, the ones used in the SC are slightly bigger than an A4 sheet, get used in petitions filed in the SC.

From smartphone usage to deploying GPS in cars to even a simple microwave in the kitchen,  digitization is a trend which is here to stay. But how does it impact businesses? For starters, it’s more cost-effective, efficient and very reliable. Let’s take a look:

  • Greater and smoother client outreach: You connect with your client at a personal level through apps, SMS, e-mail and pop-up ads. That way you reach target genuine clientele. Best of all, digital communication helps you conserve the environment as you decreases storage and usage costs of paper.
  • Easy data accessibility: Instead of sifting through piles of documents, you are able to retrieve data at just the click of a button. Also, don’t forget that it’s a great backup option.
  • Financial advantage: You not only save on paper cost, but also maintenance of additional office equipment which is required for paper storage.

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