“It’s true that an idea can transform lives. But the real skill lies in crafting that idea and solidifying its execution. That’s what digital education and technology is about. Not just transforming lives, but an educative art form that challenges and inspires creation of processes that simplify lives.”

—-Rachna Sharma, Founder IIDMR

Digital education has opened minds and pockets like never before. Even if you’re in India and your colleague is overseas, you can work on the same presentation simultaneously thanks to technology. That’s not only good time saved but work is also done faster and more efficiently. Just a click of a button can ignite minds, give wings to ideas and create a million sparks of creativity. But there is a degree of hard work knowledge and expertise. This is because digital technology is an art form which, when dispensed in an educational way can unspool talent in a big way. Indian Institute of Art and Education reflects and teaches this philosophy.

The digital revolution has metamorphosed businesses like never before. Look at the way homemakers in India have turned the digital marketing art to their advantage. With traffic snarls, truant weather and hectic work and life styles a norm in India these days, many people are turning to the online channels to fulfill their retail requirements. If you thought it’s only businesses and qualified professionals who are in this arena, then Indian homemakers have proved this belief wrong.

A recent media report indicated that women are now increasingly using the social media to take advantage of the e-commerce boom and have greater customer outreach. Estimates indicate that approximately two million women homemakers are reselling various lifestyle and clothing products using two social online segments: whatsapp and facebook. What has further fuelled this growth is that many of them do not have that much access to computers or laptops. Their best business buddy  has been the humble smartphone.

“The access of smartphones in tier I cities which make up 50-60% of the market while tier II and tier III cities contribute the rest. Most of these sellers currently use net banking options and digital wallets for facilitating payments as they compete with bigger online commerce player which have a gamut of payments options for consumers. Looking at the growing base do re-sellers WhatsApp has been exploring options to start its own payments platform in India,” cites a media report.

Therefore, digital art is not just mere knowledge of processes but also the intelligent application of these processes. Coming to any tech buff, everyone knows that you have to be updated with trends and digital hacks to make it to the top end of a digital marketing career. In a time of Digital India and Skill India initiatives, IIDMR a leading digital marketing company, is looking to skill youngsters and people with talent to create jobs, money and boost economy. The Indian homemakers have clearly broken through this mould and have created an example for others to follow.

Digital Art is not just about creating a pretty landscape or animation. It is about learning how to creatively apply ideas and communicate on digital space. Digital Marketing communicates, attracts, answers, creates and generates demands from customers, unlike conventional marketing schemes that rely on basic ads and discounts.  This is why IIDMR is a premier institute of digital art and education,  because we teach our students to fly on the wings of creativity with a vision for digital marketing technology.

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