Website Planning

In today’s time planning a website can be a both simple and intricate task. This is because you have to be very clear about what you want to communicate to your key users, how to convey it and eventually, derive maximum profits.

Internet is the way of life and the new methodology of business. But before embarking on the journey of website construction, it always makes sense to understand the whole process.


  • Website learning: How a web page is different from internet.
  • Process of constructing a static and dynamic website.
  • Analysis of your competitors and latest market trends.
  • Domain and Hosting Process: What is URL, hosting server, shared hosting server.
  • Domain and Server Setting: How to buy domain name, hosting, file transfer process etc.
  • Word Press and CMS Introduction: Basics of CMS, Word Press, Word Press Backup etc.
  • Full Word Designing process: Introduction to Dashboard, Form Creation, What are Plugins, themes etc.

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