Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically free marketing in the web space, as it improves visibility and thereby expands business. It requires a technical know-how and a certain skill sets to ace this subject. At IIDMR, we provide case studies, market  analysis and lots of more.

Typically, search engines work on a pattern of algorithms. What makes an SEO useful is that your website is easy to use and access for anyone. And, if you look at the technical aspect,  users and search engine robots can also make sense of it. Therefore SEO helps a search engine to decode what exactly a particular web page is about.


  • What is SEO and how it works
  • Types of SEO
  • How On Page SEO is different from Off Page SEO
  • All you should know about  Google panda, penguin & EMD Updates
  1. How does syndication work
  2. Google Places Optimization
  • How audio and video tags work
  • Key search engines that you should know
  • Creating Meta Tags

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  1. Your business if more accessible in a different way. This means the process is smoother, faster and more efficient.
  2. SEO helps netting more ‘targeted’ customers for your business who are genuine and thus saves extra costs and time.
  3. Your business gets strengthened further with the power of brand awareness.
  4. SEO is a very powerful tool that helps you become a better competitor and does wonders for your business.
  5. You get quantifiable and also tractable results  thanks to SEO deployment.